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- - Over - Oblivion - -

Please, call me 'Obie'

17 April
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Name: Oliver McKee

Alias: Over Oblivion / "Obie" [O]

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Neutral [entirely depends on if you smell good to him]

Habit/Neurosis: Obie has an intense focus on smells and individual peoples' scents. If your smell is offensive to him, he will absolutely not accept your continued presence.

Personality: Though Obie doesn't flinch away from social situations, close contact and physical expression like many of the other Wammy Kids, he is terminally incapable of empathy. He will smile and interact with people on a relatively friendly level if he perceives that they want him to, but other than that he has no drive to seek-out social interaction unless he is incredibly bored [which happens frequently enough]. He cannot fathom why people make finding the solutions to problems more complicated than they have to be because of moral objection, himself finding nothing objectionable in doing whatever is necessary to solve the problem. As such, he has little respect for opinions and actions based on social empathy, religion or political correctness.

History: Obie doesn't much care for his past and never really bothers to talk about it, but for quite a while he had what can only be described as a normal childhood. A mother and a father that loved him reasonably enough as their only son, a large and comfortable home and very good grades. When Obie was seven, his father left his mother for a younger woman, which absolutely devastated Obie's mother. Obie didn't much mind, even though the abandonment made his mother become terribly possessive and insecure about letting him out of her sight. After an incident when he was nine wherein he crushed a cowbird egg in order to spare the lives of the other eggs in the nest, terrifying his classmates and teacher, his mother withdrew him from school and decided to home school him. Obie doesn't discuss details about his mother or his relationship with her, so there is only speculation here, but people began to whisper about the strange way that they lived: cooped-up together in their over-sized house all alone, barely ever leaving. A week before Obie's thirteenth birthday, his mother died of an aneurysm in her sleep, and two days later he walked next door to tell his neighbors about it. The details of what happened in those two days are a matter of sealed records and neighborhood rumors. Having no family, Obie was sent to a nearby orphanage: too nearby, as the children and faculty of this institute knew the whole story about him and his mother. Several subsequent transplants to different orphanages ensured that, eventually, nobody knew about Obie's past, and all they could judge him by were his extremely private mannerisms and his creepy tendency to conduct investigative dissections on dead animals found around the orphanage grounds. Obie's intellect -and the fact that he was basically unadoptable at this point- earned him entry to Wammy's House, where he deeply enjoys his new nickname and the fact that he can go about his business with significantly less stares. Obie has a particular love for forensics and figuring-out how a person died after the fact. The scent of formaldehyde has since become one of his favorites.
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