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[focus] Perhaps Confused


Everyone in this house is up to something these days, it seems. Pleasantries aren't very hard to muster, but I don't care to spend as much time in the common areas as the rest of these people. The smell of the main common room in particular is a sour one: someone has been exercising in there and their sweat is too heavy on the air. I suspect one of the younger kids, someone who enjoys a diet which includes vinegar chips. What a vulgar scent, vinegar... Chemical, smoothe as such, but pungent and unforgiving. The strawberry scent in the kitchen proves that far too many confections have been in the works since L's return... I don't much like the smell of strawberry, either... I prefer the sugar sweet scent of garbage to the fructose obnoxiousness of strawberries any day. It's a more beautiful sweet, sticky and oily and very nice against the palate, when you can find things that carry the same flavour.

That's too much waxing poetic, I have work to get down to. It's been a while since I last bothered to dissect a frog- when I can manage more rare and interesting finds I certainly appreciate it, but frogs have been turning up dead in part of the yard lately, near a dip that leads down towards an apparent water retention trench. I'm curious to see what turns up.

Oh, also... Someone here has been smelling of blood lately: iron rich, a person that eats their dark, leafy greens in the proper proportions, so I suspect one of the older inhabitants of this place. I haven't gone so far as to stand in the hallway and 'sniff them out,' but I find it rather curious that someone can smell so thickly of blood while I have not heard any rumours of serious injury, accidental or somehow intentional. I'd like to know who is bleeding here. I'm rather cavalier about the hierarchy here when it comes to succeeding L so I'm not intending to brag, but I certainly have enough medical skill to fix you if you've broken yourself. Remember this next time you become wounded and keep it secret. I will maintain confidentiality, rest assured, I would simply enjoy the opportunity to work with warm, living skin.


[Screened \\ Hackable by A]

Oh, about the blood, that's me. I just had a little accident, nothing really to worry about. I'm not too bad with first aid myself, so it's fine.

Re: [Screened \\ Hackable by A]

Ah, I see. I didn't want to say anything because I was not clear on what had happened yet, but I noticed that you seemed to be smelling somewhat strongly of it the other day-- I had not imagined you to be the source, frankly, but if you indeed bandaged yourself then I suppose that it only makes sense that the scent would be muffled. You should use proper antiseptics, I smelled nothing of the proper strength on you.

By the way, I'm pleased that you must be eating more proper greens. I've smelt your blood before in passing, and it seemed to be iron-low. It's probably the jam.

[Screened \\ Hackable by A]

Oh, of course. I should probably reapply all of the dressings.

[Screened \\ Hackable by A]

Do not hesitate to stop by if you require any assistance. I doubt that you require stitches, but... I would be willing to examine your wounds.

[Screened \\ Hackable by A]

Thank you for the offer. I'll keep that in mind.
The little runt G had been running around killing poor squirrels, so you might be smelling that. Candles! This place needs more scented candles!
Oh, I noticed those in the yard... I have dissected one of them, a male with a snapped neck. Separated the vertebrae and tore the spinal column clean through, the tissue was very inelegantly damaged. Gain's blood was on the rodent as well, under its claws, so I got a good wiff of that too...

Oh, aside, squirrel's blood smells very different than human blood, especially thanks to diet and consistency. Humans are a much more oil-rich animal.
Oh, he did a lot of damage! I didn't think he did that much. I really ought to step out of my room more often, haha!

I'm sure you sense the strange energy pattern lately, too. It's coming from a whole lot of the young'ins. Bad, bad vibes!

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It also might be Vui...he got cut the other day...

Re: [Same Filter]

Oh, did he? I haven't seen him around lately, and I haven't ever smelled his blood before. Does he eat his greens...?

Re: [Same Filter]

I honestly don't know...

Re: [Same Filter]

Huh. Well, thank you for the information. I don't know enough of Vui's diet to suppose whether he is in fact the one I've been smelling or no... I had supposed an older resident from the high levels of natural iron, but Vui seems rather mature so it could have been him.

Thank you for the information, J, you have been most helpful.

Re: [Same Filter]

Ahh...don't mention it, O. :)

Re: [Same Filter]

Please, call me Obie.

Re: [Same Filter]

A-alright Obie..

I'm known as J, though my full alias is Jaron. Either is fine to me :)

Re: [Same Filter]

Alright, Jaron, I will keep that in mind.

Hopefully I will see you and have the opportunity to meet you in person before the St. Andrew's Day feast. Whether it is before or during the feast day, of course, please do not hesitate to say hello.

Re: [Same Filter]

Alright then! Same with you. If I see you I will come over and introduce myself :)
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