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[grin] A Bit Condescending


It seems that I am the leader for team 8. S, Gluttony, and Pilot, I would like you to know that though I am designated as group leader, I do not view myself as being in any way superior to you. We will operate as a singular, complete unit to maximize our collective efficiency, and with any luck the case will be solved in a matter of days.

I am a man who believes in practical application of logic and reason with little to no room for anything else, but it seems to me somewhat fitting that we were assigned the number 8, and that I was assigned to lead us. We are trained as investigators to recognize patterns in the world around us, and it seems to me that entry oo8oo, made by myself [Over Oblivion; OO] in reference to the planning and workings of team 8... is an interesting manifestation of pattern. I have observed that patterns such as this can be interpreted as a 'sign,' which some individuals have further described as being 'lucky'... and while I do not carry such a sentiment within myself, I am more than willing to oblige a certain spirit of luck should it aide in our team's motivation and focus.

Once I have recieved the information on this case from our caretakers, I will notify you as soon as possible. I propose that we meet as a collective in my room [room 408, 4th floor], as it is a single and there will be plenty of space and a gaurantee of privacy. I maintain my bedroom at a constant temperature of 20°C [68°F], so you may want to come prepared with a sweater if you are not amenable to such a climate.

For the purposes of the investigation, I would like to have access to the autopsy photographs and all related medical files concerning the young female victim. I assume that I will not be permitted to perform additional medical examination on the victim, either by unfair advantage to our team or by intervention on the part of her family, as they are likely to desire a proper and timely burial. However, if I am mistaken in this assumption and am, in fact, allowed to perform further examinations on the victim, I would very much appreciate the opportunity to do so for the sake of our team investigation.


I'm glad.

[SCREENED to GLUTTONY // Unhackable]

How are your wounds healing, Gluttony?

[ooc: assuming that they went ahead with vivisecting her other arm and some skin-taking etc. :D]

[SCREENED to OBIE // Unhackable]

Hnm...a little.
I wish you the best in your endeavor.

[ooc; As for the directors. I have no idea whether it will be allowed or not. So I daren't answer Obie just yet]
Thank you for your well-wishes, Jibril. I will be sure to apply my best efforts, and encourage the rest of my team to do so as well. I will remain mindful of your scrutiny.
It is not my scrutiny that you should be mindful about.
You shall be a worthy rival, Sir Obie!
As will you, Miss Cortège. I look forward to seeing your team put forth their utmost effort- ours shall do the same.

[ooc: =3= love you Miss C, KISSU KISSU]
[letter] Over Oblivion

March 2008

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