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[focus] Perhaps Confused


I apologize in advance for the short length of this post. The investigation is still underway and is now taking-up almost 80% of my waking hours spent outside of class. I had not anticipated that this particular case would become quite so intriguingly convoluted, nor did I expect the lack of trust and level of disagreement that the homicide investigation force in Eastleigh would confront me with. Lilac continues to serve as a valuable assistant to my dissections, but the task force assigned to this case has been very disagreeable about the presence of a young girl on the investigation team.

I make this entry primarily to inform any and all who may be concerned that I am no longer going to be found at the site of my old room on the top floor. Roger has changed my rooming assignment, and from now on I will be located on the first floor towards the left if you are descending the stairs, in Q's room.

Any and all 'patients' of mine are advised to send me a comment via this journal before coming by the room. The way that things are set-up, Q would be the one to answer your knocks, and in order to provide less of a distraction for him I think that it would be best to be aware that you are coming and capable of answering the door and retrieving you myself. Do not be bothered by the water on the floor: it is sanitary and carries no charge.

Y, you do not have to see me for any more appointments concerning the puncture wound, as it is now very well healed and no longer a threat to your health. If you have continuing problems in the future, please do not hesitate to come to me or assistance. I commit to you that I will absolutely not pry into the reason or origin behind your wounds.

In the interest of making things quicker and easier for both of us, I plan on stopping by your room later this evening with the medical supplies that you asked for. I hope that this is of no inconvenience to you.


[Private to Obie / Unhackable]

u uhm...

i think i need you r help ag ain...

[Private to Y / Unhackable]


If you need my help, do not hesitate to drop by. I am a bit... surprised that you would have need of it so soon, but you are more than welcome to my assistance.

I will be in my... our, Q's and my own, room this evening. Please, do tell me when you think that you will be stopping by.
Perhaps they were merely threatened by your presence. After all, we are considered 'outsiders' and the Eastleigh homicide investigation force may feel that you are taking over their duties.
I do not doubt that that is a likely reason for their disagreement with me. However, it is... hard for me to fathom, behaving so rudely towards another individual who is merely trying to help. Did you encounter such issues on your latest case, Jibril?
Human nature and their tendency to revert to political behaviour.

It is natural for humans to gather together to stand against a person or situation they regard as a threat, in this case, Lilac and yourself. It does not matter to them whether or not that you mean them any real harm. Rather, they have already decided that you are one and is actively seeking to work against you. Or perhaps I can be wrong and they are simply... stubborn.

They questioned me several times during the course of my case as to how I arrived at certain conclusions.
You are very insightful, Jibril, thank you very much. People can behave in very nonsensical ways... you are certainly much better suited to understanding their motives and feelings than I am.

It seems that people are much quicker to trust you than they are to trust me. I suppose that I do not give off a very... comforting air, hm?
You are welcome. Humans are complicated creatures, with their whims and desires and how far they would go to obtain it. But they are not all that difficult to understand.

Or perhaps it is the task force’s general attitude or the context of the case which we were assigned to, or even a combination of the... three.

[ooc; Sorry for that fail x_x;;]
I have far more expertise with handling the human body than I do with handling something as... unpredictable, as human emotion. I shall, however, gladly leave the task of fully understanding such things to you, Jibril.

[ooc: What fail! XD I see no fail!]
The same could be said for myself, Obie. My knowledge regarding the human body is limited compared to your own. I hope you would not mind guiding me in future cases.

[ooc; Good! I hope it stays that way. XD;; Because I have the tendency to typo and mess up html coding a lot.]
Oh? Well, it would most certainly be of no imposition were you to ask for my help in such matters. I am, as always, ready and willing to assist in any forensic investigations should you see fit to ask me.
Thank you, I will keep it in mind then.
Perhaps the individuals in the investigation force are merely intimidated by your presence, as it means that they are inadequately qualified to handle the task on their own. Should that be the case, then you should take it as a form of flattery.

Regardless, I wish you the best in your assignment, Obie.
Flattery? That is an interesting interpretation of such adverse emotional expression. I rather... like that idea. Thank you for your insight on the matter, Zero Zone.

And, of course, thank you for your well-wishes. The assignment is progressing rather well, despite such distractions. I will make certain to share the full case report when my work has concluded.
[letter] Over Oblivion

March 2008

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