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[grin] Possibly Seductive


It seems that a severed human leg was discovered in Eastleigh, near Fleming Park. I have been looking for a case to investigate before the holidays come to an end, as it would be good to complete at least one more assignment towards my quota for this grading period, and this particular case seems as if it will be one of interest to me. I have been studying the use of stable hydrogen isotope analysis in forensics during the past weeks, and I believe that this case presents an interesting opportunity to implement this new technique of study. I do not anticipate having to miss any of my classes as yet... I have an important subject to attend to here, for one, and I have found that it is not a terribly troublesome matter to travel into Eastleigh after classes for the day and conduct my testing in the evening, with a late evening or night time return to Wammy's House.

This prompts my asking, of course, Lilac... would you like to accompany me on this case? We are in different grade levels, of course, but I would be very appreciative if you would come along and act as my assistant, at the very least, in this matter. I believe that if Roger were to have any objections, I could always present it to him as an opportunity for you to learn from an older colleague... I cannot imagine having any objection to this.

It would be good, as well, that you all remain focused on your studies. My biology classes have seen a much better attendance these days, especially since L's entry regarding the recent... 'popularity' of interests outside of academics. As a means of clarification, I would like to state here that what I said in my previous post about being unconcerned with the hierarchy system here is, in fact, truthful. I am not top-ranked here. However, I also do not believe myself to be functioning at all inadequately given my level of skill and intellect. I simply do not see any point in subjecting myself to... 'strife,' in the name of achieving the title of 'L.' As they say, jogging can often win the race while sprinting can lose it. I see no great, crushing need to advance any more quickly than I am because precision is my goal: not speed.

And, if not L, I have every intention of becoming a forensic scientist. This proclamation also does not deviate from the function of achieving the Objective, at least not so far as I understand it. Everyone must have at least one back-up plan. It eliminates the inconvenience of having to make a snap decision without the opportunity for any former consideration.

I believe that this clears-up any illusions that could possibly have been held as to my intentions here.

Nobody has reported seeing any blood or evidence of foul play in the Anatomy classroom, and I myself witnessed the room to be thoroughly clean when I came to investigate before classes began this week. It seems as though the perpetrator, or someone in alignment with them, has seen to it that the evidence be destroyed and the room be washed-down thoroughly with bleach. My prime suspect is still D, but I will not move forward without physical evidence as proof. It seems to me, especially given Q's complacency in regards to the violence visited upon him and Y's adamant defense of the identity of the perpetrator, that my fellow students do not wish for their assailant to be captured... and, as I do not hold any particular desire to bring this case to justice without any complaintants, I do not plan on pursuing the case any more than I already have.


That case with the severed arm sounds horrible, and so interesting. Did they mention it any local papers? If so, do you have one I could borrow or where I may purchase one? [-2]

Also, I think it's really good you have your goals all prioritized. All I've been thinking about is just succeeding or at least matching L, which sometimes I forget what that exactly is, haha. [-3]
No, I do not believe that the case has been revealed to the public as yet. It may be because there is a level of uncertainty as to whether or not the owner of this... misplaced leg is, in fact, dead. I cannot be sure... all I know thus far is that the case has come up, and that the police in Eastleigh appealed to Wammy's House for assistance in the matter. I wonder what sort if interesting case this will be.

You are an extremely intelligent student, X. I would say that you are more likely to succeed as a detective than many of the other students here, given the precision and intellect that you have displayed in your previous case reports. I believe in pursuing what is of interest to you and not bothering with excess stressors.
Hahaha, thank you... for all that. It's good to hear some validation from outside sources. I really think you're a worth opponent, for lack of a better word. Either way, I hope everything goes well with you on the matter with the severed limb and whatnot. [-1]

[ooc: lol yes, remember, my stupid typo didn't happen lol 9u6]
Oh! A severed leg! No apparent identification! No evidence! How deliciously divine a mystery!
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