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[base] Intense Stare


The root cause of the frog mortalities in the trench was septic leakage from our neighboring property. I slipped into a hole in the earth brought about by said leakage during my investigation of the neighbor's yard, and there is no doubt that this stench is exactly the same as that in the trench. Chemical tests verified this, and now the neighbor has been informed and you may see their property being dug-up in coming days. They are far enough away that the stench should not be overwhelming to anybody but myself, and once the problem is cleansed away then the ground will... 'heal,' as it were, and soon enough everything will be back to normal.

I have gone to great lengths to disinfect myself, so you will not have to worry about your health when you next come by for me to check-up on that wound of yours, Y. Please do not worry.

oo Reminders For Myself oo
+ Go into town for Organic Vegetables: preservation of Lilac's diet and related scent
+ Speak to D: in class he smelt of Y's blood
+ Speak to Q: found his scent in a strange place today: strong presence of embalming fluid


[Private to Obie / Unhackable]

T thank yuo... i 'll t ry ha rd to kep mysel f clean too...

i won't...

Re: [Private to Y / Unhackable]

That's good. Please take care of yourself. It would not be good at all for you to become ill or infected, especially not because you do not want to be an imposition. Never hesitate to impose on me where wounds are involved.
Oh, dear! Septic tank overload, oh maaan! Clean yourself well, dear, or you might find people walking very far away from you!
Not to worry, Miss. Cortège, I've taken great pains to disinfect myself. It was absolutely... terrible, the smell, and I would not have been capable of living with myself were I not thoroughly sanitized.

I hope that you do not remain a stranger because of my compromised odour, Miss Cortège. I assure you, I do not usually smell so unsavory.
[letter] Over Oblivion

March 2008

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