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[miffed] Stand-Offish


I am... annoyed with the silly games going on these days. Intrigues and secrecy aside, I wonder why everyone is behaving as though solving these problems and bringing all secrets to light is more complicated than it really has to be? I have my own studies to focus on at this time, and I am loathe to invest any of my time in such frivolous matters as these, but... well, since everybody seems to enjoy their riddles and their mind puzzles, allow me to put it to you this way:

At first there is a small cut on the subject's hand which is not washed out and disinfected immediately. Bacteria is allowed to get into this small cut, and bacterial infection ensues. The undesired pathogen is still not cleansed away and the bacteria begins to multiply, replicating ceaselessly and creating more problems. Tissue is injured and the body's immune system reacts, producing a build-up of pus. And, as they say, ubi pus, ibi evacua- "where there is pus, there evacuate it."

In order to cleanse this deep infection which may, if left untreated, result in the disfigurement or death of the host, it is advised that the infection site be cut open and exposed-- it will be painful for the host, but there is always anesthesia. And, once the infection has been cleansed away and the wound is closed-up properly, the healing process can start to begin. If the infection is left untreated, the infection will only continue to worsen until, eventually, the host succumbs, and if the infection is simply not treated with the adequate procedure and instead with something less direct and invasive, then the chance of the host's eventual death and/or the necessity of repeated treatments is extremely high.

Invasive directness is too often avoided in favor of gentler treatment that will cause people less emotional and physical duress... but if it is the simplest solution to just be direct, I would much sooner opt for that.

Please, keep this in mind.I would be very disappointed if I were the only one to arrive for all of my classes come Monday.


[ Filtered against L // UNHACKABLE ]

It is good to hear that you are planning on attending classes, even if it is... not a certainty.

And, an orgy you say? That would account for all of the sex that I smell. It sours with age, that scent, and clings terribly...

Re: [ Filtered against L // UNHACKABLE ]

Ah...? I find that hard to believe... It is likely that everyone has smelt it at one point or another, even if they could not name it.

And... you play the loud music beneath me. I have smelt sex from your part of the hallway. If not you, then somebody near you has engaged in sexual activity recently as well.
What if we were to give out medical masks to our fellow classmates? It's done in numerous East Asian countries. When someone is sick, they wear one out of courtesy to stop the spread of germs. Do you think this would be a good idea? It might help with the flu problem.
Ah... I'm not sure that it would help with theeeir particular problems, but... I do think that the gesture would be appreciated. I have an unopened packaged of 50 medical masks, which should be a sufficient amount to make sure that everybody gets one. Perhaps we will make them available in one of the common rooms... I hesitate to go door-to-door with them. I'm... not yet personally familiar with the majority of our peers.
I don't know many people yet either, so the common room would be a good idea, if you want to do it that is. Ah, it was just a suggestion. I apologize if it was dumb.
No, no apologies are necessary. It is a thoughtful suggestion for a house full of ill people...

Oh, by the way, do you enjoy cupcakes? I happen to have come into possession of one, and I think that you may enjoy it more than I. I cannot be certain if it is vegan, however it does not upon inspection smell of any animal product. I would chance to say that I have received at least a vegetarian-sensitive cupcake, which you may be able to have if you so desire.
Cupcakes are quite delicious. However, milk and eggs are usually two key ingredients in cupcakes. Oh dear... Well, I suppose I can break a rule just once. Haha. You wouldn't tell anyone, right? It's been a really long time since I had a cupcake...

But I find it nesecary to ask; How did Obie happen upon a cupcake?
Oh, I found it on my night stand table this morning when I awoke. It appears as though this has happened to many others, and that apparently it represents some sort of prize for having been... 'bold' enough to question L's illness. I am not a very big fan of sweets such as this, however, and wondered if it could be given to someone who may appreciate it.

I do not want to throw you off of your diet, of course. You smell as pleasant as you do because you have a very good diet, and unless you really want to break it I would prefer to encourage you to stay healthy.
Ah, I see. I didn't have reason to question his illness. Was it false?

Maybe it is a good thing I didn't then? I am sure if I woke up to a cupcake sitting on my nightstand, I would have eaten it right away. Obie, you are such a good friend to keep me honest on my diet. I'm sure Papa would thank you for doing that!
It certainly has thrown the place into a bit of a chaotic state. Though that's to be expected, especially amongst many of the young adults here. Given also the fact that we seem to get away with a lot of things. Which is basically why I've been sticking to my room and not going out much. For both this, the flu and the "flu." [5+]
Yes... I have been wondering about why exactly Roger and Mr. Wammy have been so lax with doling-out discipline of late. I suppose that it is a particularly busy and... emotionally trying time of year for many of the students, but of course we are an institute of learning foremost: our studies are of the utmost importance.

I suppose that I should not make mention of these considerations to others, of course, as it is not in my nature to want to meddle in the affairs of others and receive likewise treatment... however, I believe that it is... 'no good,' I suppose, to rise in the ranks merely because of the It is good to know that at least some of us are retaining focus on matters of import. There are plenty of interesting cases ahead of us, and solving them should be our collective goal.
Oooh, what a lovely little tale you've written! It is truly mesmerizing, reading about bodily funtions and reactions! Oh, it kinda makes me hungry...~

Don't worry, darling, I've yet to use up any sick tickets yet! Classes are definitely going to be pleased as punch of my presence!
I am... pleased that you enjoyed the medical metaphor for its physical detail. It is often easiest for me to summarize in medical terms, I feel that there is a great deal of clarity in explaining things that way.

Ah... and it is very good, Miss Cortège, that you will be continuing to your classes as per usual. There is much more of interest in attending classes than in... marinating, I suppose, in the atmosphere of emotional duress that currently reigns here.
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